We are award winning researchers, specialising in research, evaluation, strategy, policy and business advice.

We regularly work on large-scale projects on matters of critical public and cultural importance, ranging from creative industries strategy, Indigenous health and wellbeing to the evaluation of the social impact of arts and cultural activity.  

At BYP Group, you work directly with the Principals.

We offer a premium, tailored service. Our clients work directly with the Principals, every time.  We mentor clients to build on what they already know, using our expertise to fill the gaps. Combining academic rigour with a practical, hands-on approach, BYP Group have an industry reputation for being able to translate academic theory into real-world applications.

Research & Strategy

Industry research and analysis

Policy development and strategic planning

Qualitative and quantitative research

Needs assessments

Evaluation & Stakeholder Consultation

Program evaluation

Social impact evaluation

Government submissions

Stakeholder consultation

Futurology & Business

Trends research and forecasting

Business development and strategy

Financial modelling

Market intelligence

BYP Group are passionate about the potential for creativity to change people’s lives.  

Our approach is underpinned by the following values:

Complex ideas, plain English

We believe that a complex idea, communicated simply, is the most powerful way to articulate impact. We communicate in plain English, avoiding academic language wherever possible.

High quality for every budget

We believe that any client, no matter how small, has the right to the best quality service. We believe that we can work out a solution for a client’s problem within pretty much any sized budget.

Solve the problem

We do not try to fulfil our own agendas through the project. We believe that our clients hire us to solve the problem, so that is what we do.