Photo by themacx/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by themacx/iStock / Getty Images

Trends research and forecasting

NSW Department of Industry

We researched and analysed technological, economic and social trends and predicted their impacts on the NSW creative industries over the next five years.

Key Impact:  Our forecasting is being used by the NSW Government to support the creative industries, one of the fastest growing segments of the State economy.


Financial modelling

Leading national arts organisation

We developed a financial model for a leading national arts organisation considering expansion. We created an adjustable financial model and researched expected costs and possible revenue streams.

Key Impact:  The organisation is using this information in its critical decisions about the next five years.

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Business planning workshops for creative entrepreneurs

Information and Cultural Exchange

We designed and delivered a business planning workshop for eight creative business entrepreneurs in residence at ICE in Parramatta, western Sydney. We also provided one-on-one business coaching to the entrepreneurs as follow-up to the workshop.

Key Impact:  Entrepreneurs are using their skills to develop and grow their business income.