Free Evaluation Tools

We have developed a number of free resources for evaluation of projects. Here you go!

Evaluation framework template

This is a spreadsheet which you can use as a basis for developing your own process evaluation framework, outputs framework and impact evaluation framework.

Survey Templates

We have collated a number of questions from a variety of publicly available instruments in the one place. We have also included the types of questions which we have developed and used over the last ten or so years to evaluate the arts experience, because this is at the heart of any other types of impact which arise from an arts project.

Qualitative Tools

Here are additional tools including interview guides, permission forms, and qualitative data analysis templates. The Star Selfie is provided by Big hArt.

Interview Guide - Example

Interview Summary Notes - Template

Interviews - Spreadsheet for Analysis - Template

Before and After Reflection Tool - Spreadsheet for Analysis - Template

Permission Form - Template