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“Home” by Arts Centre Melbourne, image courtesy of  ONset Arts

“Home” by Arts Centre Melbourne, image courtesy of ONset Arts

“Creative placemaking” is the fancy term for this phenomenon I’m talking about, but often I wonder if it’s just another way to say “home.” – Kiran Singh Sirah

 The Cultural Research Network recently had an interesting email conversation about land use and local council policies which help to support artists and the creative vitality of a community. In this blog post I have gathered some of the key links mentioned so I could have them all in one place, and thought others might find it useful too.

Please feel free to send through more and I will add them!

How different localities are using community land trust policies to preserve affordable live/work space for low income constituencies (including artists).

Interim use category to San Francisco’s building policy to enable the PROXY project (which subsequently empowered local artists, makers, and performers):

Creative Perth Amboy

City of Seattle cultural space resources

The CAP Report: 30 Ideas for the Creation, Activation, and Preservation of Cultural Space.

Structure for Stability: Following up on one of the ideas from the CAP Report, this new study explores the creation of an independent real estate entity to hold cultural space in partnership with the cultural community. 

Seattle also offers technical assistance to arts workers with finding space, negotiating for space, permitting space, renovating space, and maintaining space via a Cultural Space Liaison.

Pitfalls of some policies

Under the community redevelopment agency there was a mission aimed to replenish areas of Los Angeles by injecting cultural activities by giving cheap/rent controlled rents for a 30 year contract. However there appear to be limited protections for rent control, leading to rental increases for the Santa Fe Art Colony and other artists.

These links and comments were provided by the following CRN members:

Kiley ArroyoLeonardo Vazquez, Duke Choi, Mytoan Nguyen-Akbar